AutoIndex is a PHP script that makes a table that lists the files in a directory, and lets users access the files and subdirectories. It includes searching, icons for each file type, an admin panel, uploads, access logging, file descriptions, and more.


  • You don't have to put index.php in every subfolder - it automatically lets you access subdirectories
  • Shows different icons for each file type - includes three different icon styles
  • Ability to hide/block certain files, folders, or file extensions
  • Works on all servers that support PHP 4.1.0 or higher (including PHP 5)
  • No databases needed
  • Ability to upload files and to have user accounts
  • Built-in admin tools (available when logged in with an admin level account)
    • Creating and deleting directories
    • Uploading, renaming, copying, and deleting files
    • Log viewer and visitor statistics
  • Searching for specific files/folders
  • Access logging and statistics (stores user's IP in a text file along with the time and file request)
  • Anti-Leech feature
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Files/folders can have custom descriptions
  • Thumbnails of images can be generated and displayed
  • Can keep track of number of downloads for each file
  • Nicer looking than server's default output, and the display is customizable
  • Version 2.0 uses a template system for easy customization of HTML output
  • Available in 35 languages
  • XHTML 1.1 and CSS compliant, so it displays correctly in all browsers
  • This software is free

See the demo on this site to get an idea of how it works!